With IMPAQ Academy you will have
an opportunity to expand your knowledge
by active participation in end-to-end
application development/creation.

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IMPAQ Academy!

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Our recruitment takes place at our three offices in Poland. We are seeking specialists in the following fields: Java, . NET, AngularJs, MEAN and many others. Learn more…

We provide our IMPAQ employees with the opportunity to take part in top and high-end projects. If you haven’t filled out the recruitment form yet, what are you waiting for? Find your dream job!

26 years of experience
IMPAQ most valuable assets are the employees working on top quality projects. We incorporate Agile methodologies (SCRUM, TDD). The key to our success lies in friendly working atmosphere. We support team work and friendly work environment.

IMPAQ Academy
Are you a student? Are you into programming? Do you want to graduate with professional and hands-on learning experience and competencies? See: Training and internship Training and internship at IMPAQ Academy.
IMPAQ Academy offers a series of Java with JavaScript workshops for students. Our workshops involve hands-on learning. With IMPAQ Academy you will have an opportunity to expand your theoretical knowledge by active participation in end-to-end application development. Learn more about IMPAQ Academy workshops!

About us
IMPAQ has developed its own and unique work ethics over 26 years of operations. Our main values are: team work, accountability, innovation and quality. Our working culture has been built based on team work values. Team work is not only about working together, but also about working within the organization. All of our values can be applied at work and at home.
Our values also include practical knowledge, ability to handle challenges, trust building and friendship. Our interpersonal relations are further strengthened by integration events. All of this builds the history and culture of the organization and its people.

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