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One person wins a game, but a team wins a tournament. We believe that common effort creates friendly atmosphere and motivates our employees. Our tasks are implemented from the point of view of the entire Team.

We focus on efficiency, learn from our previous projects and develop new concepts. We provide top quality services, as confirmed by our Clients’ opinions and effectiveness of our Quality Assurance procedures. Our effective and top quality services guarantee the satisfaction of our Clients and our team.

IMPAQ always makes good on its promises. We always try to exceed expectations and fulfill our obligations to others. We feel responsible for members of our team.

Innovation is the basis and style of our operations. All the innovative solutions that may contribute to IMPAQ growth are taken into consideration and analyzed during Innovation Implementation Process. This way we secure the future of our company.



Nasze wyjazdy integracyjne to masa zabawy
i aktywnego wypoczynku


Bierzemy udział w maratonach.


Fotobudka na spotkaniu wigilijnym.


Zakończenie wspólnej zabawy na zamku w Gniewie

Mazury żeglowanie

Wspólne żeglowanie.


II Liga siatkówki - Let's go.

We value our employees and organize interesting integration events. Our events always offer a full dose of adrenalin, you will never be bored! We pay great attention to physical activity. However, since we are aware of the fact that not everybody is an avid sports fan, we also participate in Bike2Work program, which helps improve physical condition and is environment friendly. Our integration events are organized for the entire team and make everybody feel useful and needed. Our day full of games and attractions usually ends with a bonfire or dinner.


Bike2work program encourages our employees to exercise while traveling to and from work. Thanks to all that we are well oiled, interesting and professional team.
We also participate in program “Szlachetna Paczka”, which helps those in need. All the employees take part in the campaign as it gives them plenty of positive energy.
When the disaster struck in Nepal, we decided to travel by bike and to transform the kilometers into financial assistance for the victims.

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