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IMPAQ Academy offers a series of Java with JavaScript workshops for students. Our workshops involve hands-on learning. With IMPAQ Academy you will have an opportunity to expand your knowledge by active participation in end-to-end application development/creation.

You will be assisted by mentors, who have also been students before and are now valued programmers with years of experience. They will share their experience and know-how with you and demonstrate how to develop a program in a fast and agile manner.
... and gain invaluable knowledge!
The workshops will present the most advanced technologies. The mentors will teach good programming practices, which are particularly useful in business, as a well written code allows to focus on the client’s requirements and further application development.

IMPAQ Academy has been designed so that not all participants have to be present. However, you are encouraged to take part in all workshops to learn as much as possible above the new technologies. Awards will be given to top students!



Please, specify: workshop title, your full name, telephone number and information on your studies: university, year and faculty Limited number of admissions. First come first served rule.

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